All available tests, as well as relevant data, can be found on the following table. Before proceeding with submission of answers on any test, check instructions’ page.
Score lists can be found here.
After 10 years of functioning of this page (under different address at first couple of years), these are the definite forms of tests that can be found in this page. Further revisions and/or removals won’t follow.

Test Created Description* Scores (n)** Stats
MFRA-R 2020 N/V/L/S 26 Scores
π-Test 2020 N 21 Scores
2020 V 20 Scores
2020 V 42 Norm
2018 S 171 Norm

 Following test can be taken free of charge.

Test Created Description* Scores (n)** Stats
CPE-N 2018 N 53 Norm

Following tests are older tests/combination of older tests. One may order one or more of them, along with their solutions & stats. Aim is to provide a tool for self-assessment to anyone, at their own pace, and will also help in further understanding of relationship between expected score and real score, deviation of which is a common phenomenon in high range testing. Note that answers are provided without explanations; such items are used in active tests, so providing explanations may be an extra, unnecessary, training tool. Check each test’s page for more details (inactive links means the test is not ready yet).

Test Created Description* Scores (n)**
Sequences 2019 N 66

* N: Numerical, V: Verbal, L: Logical/Abstract, S: Spatial.
** Number of candidates. Will be renewed approx. once per month (earlier/later depending on circumstances).

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