* All links are related to mental puzzles and/or IQ tests and relevant societies. The only purpose is to present interesting tests. Any other material found in these pages or other test creators’ personal views on issues other than IQ testing are totally irrelevant with the purpose of this page and don’t reflect my views.

* accepted at :

ELITE Society

BRAIN Society

4G Society

sPIqr Society

NOUS Society

6N Society

Grand Society

Real IQ Society

World IQ Foundation

Opal Quest Group

THIS Society

Triple4 Society

Evangeliq Society


World Genius Directory (Score listing)

GIFTED Network (Score listing)

Other Societies may accept some tests, too, depending on the circumstances.


* Other IQ tests’ pages:

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12345, Quintiq, Quantiq v2 – K. E. Ferrell

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Hat-triq – A. Andersson