Hrqitests.com is a Leisure-time activity related page, devoted to puzzles known as high range IQ tests, since 2010. These tests have an overall history of 40+ years, are of experimental nature and – besides their fun part – aim at estimating intelligence as a – hopefully – alternative and complementary measure to classic supervised psychometric batteries (IQ tests). Before one tries such a test, there are a few things to be cleared out, relevant to every high range IQ test one may meet, in this or other websites.

  • Any such test itself is a set of mental puzzles/riddles and it has to be tried in terms of leisure time activity.
  • It may be hard, easy, approachable, strange, attractive or whatever. Any test of this kind can be regarded as something more than a puzzle only to the extend that its stats allow it; reliability, correlation to standard psychometric batteries etc. (all of which, presented thoroughly in case of tests to be found in this website).

In conclusion and according to the aforementioned, take – first of all – any high range test as some mental puzzle. Go for the challenge, struggle, have fun. If you are more interested in the outcome and not in the challenge, look at each test stats, and according to these, you may know how accurate any result may be.

We all have one common thing : Interest for the field of human intelligence and puzzle solving. So, do your your best, trouble your mind and -above all- have fun!