Before trying any of my tests, please read the following, besides each test’s specific instructions. Thank you in advance for browsing my webpage and showing interest in my tests.

  • Submitting answers on a test :

-Answers should be sent through email to Preferred file formats are .txt and .doc (if possible).

-You will receive your score within 48 hours maximum, usually within 12-24.

-Along with sending answers, a fee of 14€ (or an almost equivalent amount in any other currency) is required – except if indicated otherwise, as in case of contests. This happens in order to prevent fraudulent submissions, so that tests retain their statistical and psychometrical value. The aformentioned amount should be sent to, through Paypal.

-IQ Estimation : High range tests examine various aspects of cognitive processing linked to human intelligence, similar to standardized ones. Making it simple, if normed well (and if they do fulfil certain conditions, such as high reliability and high validity) they can theoretically lead to one’s quite precise IQ estimation. One may find many relevant crucial information on each test’s stats page.

-Emails irrelevant to answers on a specific test (for example, questions like “what do you think about everyday value of intelligence” etc.) will be answered within 4-6 months, if judged necessary to be answered.



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