Before trying any of my tests, please read the following, besides each test’s specific instructions. Thank you in advance for browsing my webpage and showing interest in my tests.

  • General instructions on submitting answers :
Test Status Fee Subm. allowed
SEE37 Open 20€ 1
Polymath Open 20€ 1
Orion Pending

– Answers should be sent through email to ngtfinal (a) Use this answersheet (regarding tests with less or more than 38 items to be answered, please erase 31-x positions or add the missing one, respectively).

– When completing the answersheet, you will be asked for some data: Name and surname (relevant explanation follows), age (required – tests cannot be ordered by non adults), nationality (optional), gender (optional) and scores on some supervised and/or untimed tests (optional).

-You will receive your score within 4-5 days (rarely delayed in exceptional instances).

-Fee has to be sent to ngtfinal (a) yahoo . gr, through PayPal.

-In case of free of charge tests, identity verification is needed (ID, driving license or passport). Relevant documentation must be written in latin or cyrillic alphabet; other kind of documentation or documentation including other languages, won’t be accepted. Name, Surname, Date of birth must be visible. Rest of data can be covered. A fee of 10 Euro (through paypal, to the aforementioned address) may apply as an alternative identity verification method, for everyone that wishes not to share their documentation. In case of fee-requring tests, ID verification is not required, except in cases that paypal address owner and test-requesting person are different.

-Public discussion on tests’ items or proposition of possible answers is strictly prohibited. Material found on ** is copyrighted.

-IQ Estimation : High range tests require various aspects of cognitive processing, in order to be solved. However, link to IQ is only theoretical and based on specific statistical processing. Making it simple, if normed well (and if they do fulfil certain conditions, such as high reliability and high validity) they can theoretically lead to one’s rough IQ estimation. One may find many relevant crucial information on each test’s stats page. But they strictly remain mental puzzles and nothing more than that. Such tests do not substitute official standardized batteries, estimated theoretical IQ should be taken with a grain of salt and cannot in any way be used as a proof of someone’s IQ. If you want official estimation of your IQ (for work, health or any reason), do consult a clinical psychologist.

  • Data processing &  privacy

Text following must be fully understood and approved before proceeding with sending answers on a test hosted by **.
Sending answers clearly suggests and proves your consent.
Rules, rights and obligations are explained in brief and comprehensive way, regarding some minutes of reading, without being tiring or confusing.

Regarding ** : ** offers online mental puzzles and riddling questionnaires, in terms of leisure time activities.
* shows no relevant activities and HAS NOTHING TO DO with:

– Marketing and advertising industry.
– Telecommunications industry.
– Large scale data (sensitive or not) processing for any reason.
– Government or non-government large (or not) scale organizations.

Due to the fact that questionnaires offered by ** tend to show positive correlation with standardized intelligence batteries, they are accepted by some web-based high IQ Societies. For this reason, along with the effort on controlling and eliminating multiple submissions under false identities (fraud), name and surname (personal data) are requested.

** uses no extra specific software, cookies or relevant stuff that could help in pseudonymous data collection. That is also why identity verification is needed.
Rest of data asked (age, gender, nationality and scores on other tests) are exclusively used for statistical purposes and norming procedure of tests.

NONE OF THE AFOREMENTIONED DATA ARE SHARED WITH ANY THIRD PARTIES. ** does not cooperate with any other organization.
If anyone at any time wishes their data to be erased, you can contact **, through email, at ngtfinal (a) to request it in writing. Data will be erased instantly.

SUMMARY – DISCLAIMER : Since answers on a test are sent, it is taken for granted that you have read everything stated above and that you proceed with your own and free will. Since ** offers services for entertaining purposes, that are far away from being fundamental (such as food), it is strongly suggested that one does not try the tests in case of doubt, privacy concerns or any other personal reasons.

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