Before trying any of my tests, please read the following. Thank you in advance for browsing my webpage and showing interest in my tests.

Trying a test : Tests are designed to include items of varying difficulty; thus are suitable not only for experienced test takers but also for people new to puzzle solving. If, however, you are trying to solve a high range test for the first time, have a look first at Free Puzzles page, where tests – along with their solutions and an IQ estimation per raw score – are placed.

IQ Estimation : High range tests examine various aspects of cognitive processing linked to human intelligence, similar to standardized ones. Making it simple, that’s the reason why they can theoretically lead to one’s IQ estimation. However, notice that estimation doesn’t mean verification. Norming procedure follows strict statistical rules and aims to be as accuarate as it can get, as explained in the welcoming page.

Submission : Read each test’s instructions thoroughly. If you downloaded some test and have been trying it for a long time, please revisit its webpage before submitting answers, regarding any possible changes in the procedure.

Fee : A fee of 12 Euros is required . This happens in order to prevent fraudulent submissions or unauthorized publication of answers, so that tests retain their statistical and psychometrical value, as well as their “competitive” nature, in a good way. Money coming from tests’ fees are used for charity purposes. Fee should be sent to, through paypal.



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