Verbal Reasoning Assessment
Hriqtests.com, January 2015

Requirements : Knowledge level required is medium, most of unknown terms can easily be found on internet and show no complexity. References are allowed, discussing with others is strictly prohibited, if one wishes to receive a valid score. . Each item should be solved by providing only one word. Explanations for your answers are welcome. Items are not ordered by difficulty and some of them have more than one correct solution.

Submission : 2 submissions are allowed. Send your answers to ngtfinal (a) yahoo.gr along with name, age, country of origin, gender and scores on other tests.

Before submitting answers, do read the Instructions page.

VRA Stats

Good luck and have fun!

1) bird, reptile, fried
2) key, rectangle, house
3) salt, fat, clean
4) pass, cross, key
5) one, two, three
6) dismiss, over, sir
7) 39, ill, forehead
8) blue, black, cloud
9) satellite, side, dark
10) cross, triangle, moon
11) sound, genre, Fe
12) empty, ship, stars
13) confirm, accept, positive
14) number, machine, nothing
15) noesis, speech, head
16) rhythm, life, broken
17) tv, pc, view
18) md, nurse, building
19) numbers, shapes, lesson
20) giant, nine, information
21) faith, hope, punishment
22) sleep, drink, dark
23) royal, color, card
24) sun, grow, water
25) code, hat, access
26) war, animal, internet
27) personal, identity, pen
28) 2+2=5, disorder, child
29) instant, tree, wake
30) pig, bad, forest
31) power, wire, light
32) negative, deny, refuse
33) earth, twelve, latin
34) school, air, ambush
35) wire, speak, mobile
36) intelligence, 2, 15
37) way, country, no
38) lung, addiction, filter
39) river, rob, save
40) planets, mountain, residence

– End Of Test –