Description : Multifactorial Reasoning Assessment (MFRA) is an examination of experimental nature, aiming at assessing reasoning within a week; a time range that neither supervised nor untimed high range tests assess. However, a lot of important decisions one receives (family, work, health-related etc), are received usually within a few days. Thus, it seems intriguing to check one’s reasoning at that time restriction and investigate correlation with standard psychometric batteries and/or other mental assessment tools.

MFRA consists of a great variety of items (verbal, numerical, abstract-logical and spatial), aiming at thorough assessment of one’s abilities.

Instructions : Instructions, by part, follow:
Analogies :  Find the word that completes the analogy best. Number of dashes reveals the number of letter of the word to be found. Example:
Arachnophobia (is to): Spider (as):: Hydrophobia (is to): (_ _ _ _ _). Answer : Water.
Associations : Find the word that is best connected to all words given. Connection must be simple, strict and clear. Example : a, b, alphabet (_ _ _ _ _ _). Answer : Letter.
Odd One Out (Words) : Among given words in each item, all but one share a common property. Find the odd one out. Example : a, b, c, 1. Answer : 1.
Odd One Out (Numbers) :  Among given numbers in each item, all but one share a common property. Find the odd one out. Example : 6, 10, 14, 17. Answer : 17.
Numerical Sequences & Logical Problems : (?) in each item stand for the number/answer to be found, either of sequential or other logical nature.
3×3 Matrices : Multiple – choice. Find the shape that completes best each given matrix and answer by its respective letter (a to f).

Ordering the test & submitting answers : A fee of 14 Euro, through PayPal, to ngtfinal (a) is required. After sending the relevant fee, send an email to ngtfinal (a) requesting the test. MFRA will be sent to you within 1-2 hours (most likely, instantly). Attention : Please do not request the test after 11:00pm and before 7:00am, GMT +2, for obvious reasons. Answers should be sent after 7 days (168 hours) (maximum) to the aforementioned email.

After one submits answers (7 days), one can resubmit at any time (as in any other high range test). Separate norms will be calculated.

Stats will be published after 30 (or more, if necessary) first submissions.

Answersheet is provided to help you save time.

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