ISRC 2018

International Spatial Reasoning Contest 2018


Description : ISRC 2018 consists of 30 3×3 matrices, that have to be answered under no time limit. ISRC 2018 can be solved with simple processes (spatial sequences, rotations etc.) and is culture-fair.

Instructions : Please do read carefully the following:

  • Sending answers : Answers can be sent through email (to, using this answersheet, until May 31st, 2018. One submission is allowed.
  • Discussion of items with other people and/or publication of answers are strictly prohibited.
  • Identity verification : One must prove their identity by sending a scanned copy of their ID or passport or driving license or any other relevant documentation. Name, surname, age and nationality must be visible and written in latin characters. Other details can be covered/distorted. If someone does not wish or cannot send the aforementioned documentation, another way of proving one’s identity, is by sending some symbolic fee through paypal (eg. 2-3 Euro), to
  • Fee : No fee required for this Contest, except if one wishes to donate or verify their identity through paypal.
  • Top 50 scorers will be listed in the relevant list.
  • If anyone wishes to try this test without taking part in the Contest (without being listed), it is possible by sending a fee of 5 Euro to


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Test can be found here : ISRC 2018 (.pdf). Good luck!