International Contest 2021 Scorelist

International Contest 2021 has ended, with a total of 48 participants from all around the world. Relevant questionnaire is still available in Tests section (Orion Test). Congratulations to each one for their effort & participation. For aesthetic reasons, final list includes only those participants who chose their name to by fully listed (and are entitled to relevant Contest prizes, too).

Prizes are the following :

-One free-of-charge submission on The Polymath Test for every participant (full-name listed) and free-of charge submissions for any of the existing or upcoming tests of for top 15 scorers (full-name listed).

-Prof. Ivan Ivec offers : 3 submissions for free for the 1st place, 2 submissions for free for the 2nd and the 3rd place, 1 submission for free for the 4th and the 5th place. Prof. Ivec’s tests can be found here.

Name Country Score
James Gordon USA 23/30
Liam Milliken USA 22/30
A. G. Gonzalez Spain 20/30
Marc Pfaff Germany 20/30
Miroslav Radojevic Serbia 19/30
Maja Gustafsson Sweden 17/30
Abhishek N India 17/30
Franco Sant Malta 17/30
Jose Enrique Benlloch Spain 16/30
Eleftherios Tsagkaropoulos Greece 16/30
Mario Goormachtig Belgium 15/30
Zofia Walczak Poland 15/30
King Fuei Lee Singapore 14/30
Jason Robert USA 14/30
Yuan Guangxia Hong Kong 13/30
Jan Karlsson Sweden 13/30
Ari Koistinen Finland 13/30
Stewart Ward USA 13/30
Göran Åhlander Sweden 12/30
Gerard Davis USA 12/30
Juan G. Liebana Spain 12/30
Danilo Magaldi Italy 12/30
Eirini Deligianni Greece 11/30
João Gomes Brazil 11/30
Amelia Hall UK 11/30
Ivan Ivec Croatia 11/30
Layne West USA 11/30
Belinda Lacroix Canada 10/30
Geert Meijer Netherlands 10/30
Edin Andelic Germany 9/30
Efi Papadaki Greece 8/30
Veronica Palladino Italy 7/30
Christian H. Patka Germany 6/30
James Anderson USA 5/30
Nicos Gerasimou Cyprus 5/30
Andrew Towers UK 4/30
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