Free Puzzles

Here you will find some high range-like tests, along with their solutions and IQ estimation tables. These tests are free of charge, however you can donate at through paypal if you think they are worth it. Good luck!

Test Items n – IQ range (sd15)
Numerical Sequences Test I n=10, 100-160+
Numerical Odd One Out n=15, 95-170+
Verbal Anagrams Test n=20, 90-135+
Spatial Spatial Test I n=10, 100-144+
Numerical Sequences Test II n=40, 80-175+
Verbal Anagrams Test II n=30, 90-150+
Numerical Sequences Test III n=4, 150-200+
Numerical NPRT n=32, 100-190+
Numerical Primes n=15, 95-176+
Verbal Anagrams Test III n=30, 95-165+

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