CPE-V 2019


Description : CPE-V consists of 38 verbal associations. Test requires pattern recognition ability in general; required knowledge can be easily acquired through searching the web. Acquiring and managing new information is in some items intended, testing how one may adapt to new information. No time limit is set for this questionnaire.
Instructions : Please do read carefully the following:

  • Sending answers : Answers can be sent through email (to ngtfinal (a) yahoo.gr), using this answersheet  until August 30th, 2019. One submission is allowed.
  • Use of references is allowed (books, encyclopedia, internet). Do not, however, discuss items or your answers with anyone. Publication of solutions, direct on indirect, is strictly prohibited and will result in prosecution, once detected.
  • Fee : 7 Euro, through PayPal, to ngtfinal (a) yahoo.gr. In cases of candidates coming from low-income countries, fee will be waived but identity verification will be asked, so as to protect the examination from fraudulent submissions.
  • Top 50 scorers will be listed in the relevant list. Score less than 9-10 won’t be listed, except if candidate wishes so.
  • If anyone wishes to try this test without taking part in the Contest (without being listed), it is possible by sending a fee of 14 Euro to ngtfinal (a)yahoo.gr, through PayPal.
  • All contestants will be entitled to a free submission on one of my tests (of their choice), as a symbolic prize for their participation. More prizes, like monetary ones, will be announced soon. Donations to help extend prizes are more than welcome.

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