News, July ’16

  • SRA-F and VRA reached 30 testees. New norm reports, as well as some statistical values are available at each test’s stats page.
  • VGT : Alternative answers regarding 2 items were reconsidered and accepted (plain logic and high correlation with overall score). Some scores will raise and norms will adapt. Changes will be seen in some days.
  • 2 new tests are introduced, VRA-R and NGT-R. They can be taken free of charge until they reach 30 testees. Testees who have already tried VRA, VRA II, NRA and NRA II in the past and are now interested in VRA-R or NGT-R, may send an email for further instructions. Tests can be found here, whereas their preliminary norms can be found at their stats page.
  • Changes and experimentations have been made on my tests the last year (test withdrawals, item mixing, revisions etc.). Tests remaining seem to be of high quality, showing excellent reliability. No more changes from now on, all tests will continue existing exactly as they currently are. You can read more here.

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