News, January 2015

1) Numerical Sequences Contest : There are more prizes to be won, in addition to these already announced. Mr N. Soulios kindly offered one free submission on one of his tests (Mach, Spark, Lexiq) for top 3 scorers. One free submission on one of Mr. I. Ivec’s tests will be awarded, too, to scorers placed in positions 4-6. Furthermore, top 20 scorers (or more, depending on the number of submissions) will be awarded one or more free submission on my tests. Good luck with the contest!

2) N-VRA test was published. In addition, a preliminary norm for VRA is available. You can check both of them here.

3) Tests (all or some) are accepted at : Societies under GENIUS High IQ Network (THIS, 4G, BRAIN, ELITE), WIQF, Ultima Society, Real IQ Society and Grand IQ Society.

4) Before submitting answers for any test, please check again the relevant test’s page for any possible changes (items, fee etc.).

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