NGT-Final Available

After 82 testees, NGT-R was removed and NGT-F takes its position. Balanced, with 15 more items in total (40) and some old ones removed.  NGT-R showed some kind of  “statistical gap” between 3s and 4s, a range in which, however, most of testess are distinguished within. NGT-F aims to discriminate scores within a wider range in a more balanced way. Preliminary norms (just an estimation) are launched here, too. I think I have to report the 2 highest scores of NGT-R, quite impressing due to its difficulty :

1) Anonymous (Hellas), raw score 17/25 => Theoretical IQ 177 sd15

2) M.T. Lithner (Sweden), raw score 13/25 => Theoretical IQ 164 sd15

I hope you enjoy NGT-F!

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